Storage Engine Details #

Centralized storage data is centralized, and the amount of data involved is larger, making the data more vulnerable to attacks and leaks. The security, privacy and sustainability of centrally stored data all present certain risks.

Data security includes two meanings: the first layer is “guarantee data privacy without leakage”, and the second layer is “guarantee the integrity of data without loss”.

In the current centralized storage mode, users upload all sensitive data, which not only makes users lose control over their own data, but also transfers the risk of data leakage to the cloud storage operator. If the private information is lost, damaged, leaked, or stolen, it may cause heavy losses to individuals, enterprises and even the entire society.

Centralized cloud storage operators may stop services for various reasons, but users have no right to control the behavior of service providers and control their own interests. This causes users to tend to store data in larger and more credible service providers, which makes the data centralization of the leading companies higher and higher, which also causes large-scale loss of data once the data is lost. Happening.

And DECA implements a decentralized storage method based on IPFS and, builds a complete and unified data object adaptation layer, and makes better use of data middleware to encapsulate and encrypt data, and the encryption key is set by The user is controlled by the main body, and finally the data is stored in a decentralized storage system to ensure that data privacy is not leaked. Using the characteristics of ipfs, the integrity of the data can be guaranteed, and then the crdt technology is used to achieve eventual consistency. The data synchronized by crdt is not It is certificate metadata, only synchronizes the decentralized storage identifier, and has the characteristics of high performance and high stability.