Build a global web3 decentralized private retrieval of data security network,Building Cyber Sovereignty.

Web3 data private retrieval infrastructure  and retrieval protocol

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Better Decentralized Data Retrieval

FlowShield has decentralized network miners, based on DPKI to achieve a unique interactive single-hop mode, and builds a private data retrieval capability with high privacy protection, good interactivity, and low latency.

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Support multi-user, multi-organization

The FlowShield smart contract supports the custom use of multiple organizations, and provides Dao organization governance capabilities through smart contracts.

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Support more scene data retrieval

The FlowShield network supports web2's IM, browser, and storage network decentralization through rich clients, and provides decentralized data private retrieval capabilities for web3 CDN and databases.

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Activate global security network bandwidth market

Organizations and individuals can build full nodes to provide functions such as network miner status query, persistent data storage, network market transaction order matching, and gain benefits.

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FlowShield Dao Nodes

Anyone can run Dao node, The network itself is regional, and the sovereignty of network regionalization is returned to the Dao community. All nodes provide a programmable and complete infrastructure to support the colorful growth of the private network Dao.

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FlowShield Network Miners

Our nodes realize automatic networking through peer discovery and routing through libp2p kademlia DHT and IPFs networks, and realize data synchronization between multiple nodes through libp2p's PubSub function.

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Data Private Retrieval Protocol

FlowShield is building the global private network bandwidth market,In web2, there are software and markets such as cloudflare and Tailscale. In web3, we are building FlowShield applications and markets.We stimulate users, network miners, and full-node service providers to exchange value with each other in the market.

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FlowShield Network Access Kit

FlowShield provided a network access kit for the decentralized network, which supports network access for real-time communication, network storage, browser, web3 CDN、web3 database and other softwar,Security and privacy are enhanced when these software are connected to the Flowshield network.

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FlowShield DeCA

DeCA provides communication authentication function for point-to-point communication between client and miner nodes in FlowShield network. DeCA can perform all the key functions of X.509 PKI standard, that is, register, confirm, revoke and verify mTLS certificates.